Mission: Our mission is simple, to empower and recognize individuals who have sacrificed and/or given back to society.

A Hero Foundation  501 (c)(3) was established in 2006 with a mission to plan, promote, and execute programs to assist members of the United States Armed Forces transitioning back into civilian life. We are committed to building online programs to allow veterans to break through cultural and educational confines that limit their transition back into the civilian world, while also recognizing those who do amazing things for their community.
Our flagship program Hire A Hero (www.hireahero.org) is the premier online job board and community of choice for those who have served our country and has helped thousands of veterans and their spouses connect to employers who value their service, work ethic and loyalty to our country.

When Hire A Hero launched back in 2006 our goals was to create web 2.0 professional network that provides employment services geared towards meeting the employment needs of returning military members and their families. While finding a career was important to our community we quickly learned that other “federally structured programs” failed to identify the specific needs of our returning service veterans, thus causing delays to moving forward with their lives. Even today, 10 years after launching Hire a Hero, there are over a half a million veterans waiting 30 days or more to take advantage of their federal resources they earned by serving their country.

This story is nothing new as it has been going on for many years within the veteran community, but we did find there are plenty of amazing nonprofits that can help when the “federal program’s” cannot.  This is why we created A Hero Foundation, not only do we want to continue to build better Military friendly programs online; we want to build a platform that allows veterans to connect to the entire veteran resources community and  make transitioning easier.

New and future programs include Staff A Hero (staffahero.org) which was launched January of this year, helps veterans build a visual brag book of their military accomplishments so that civilian employers can have a better understanding of the military demographic and bridge the cap from military to civilian employment; and Educate A Hero (educateahero.org) which will provide informational resources for veterans, and families, to ensure success with their educational needs.

A true hero goes out of their way to help others and acts solely on instinct only considering the consequences of not acting at all. The smallest act of kindness can go a long way and hopefully we can inspire other to be heroic when the time has come, one person at a time.

Core Values:

  • Everything we do is geared towards creating connections.
  • We believe in the intrinsic value of Military Service.
  • We believe in making a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • We are constantly learning and improving.

Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors are dedicated to help veterans by providing various options. Please click here to learn more..