What we believe in. And you should too.

Staff A Hero is a new program run by A Hero Foundation to help returning veterans and their families overcome the objections by employers. According to the Center of a New American Security, who conducted interviews with 87 individuals from 69 companies, found that there are 5 key reasons why employers are not hiring our young heroes. (Skills Translation, Negative Stereotypes, Skill Mismatch, concerns about future deployments and acclimation) All of these 5 reasons can be avoided if transitioning veterans had a reliable and dedicated transition program which gave them the tools to be successful.

Our approach is to create a program that will allow staffing firms and employers to better understand veterans leaving active duty to the civilian world. Veterans can create a brag book of sort to highlight pivotal moment within their military career. This program will not only help veterans understand the civilian world, but help employers better understand the military community as a whole by distinguishing military roles to civilian careers.